Try Scrub Modern

lulur modern
If you feel a dull skin, try, deh, do care body scrubs scrubs aka modern version. Scrub or body scrub can be done before the bath. Its function is clean dirt in the body, remove dead skin cells and open the pores of the skin so that the skin can breathe.

Previously, body massage oil is applied and massaged gently for blood circulation, and facilitate exfoliation of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin.


Then apply scrub / body scrub that has been mixed with a little rose water to the entire body, let stand until half dry. Then rub gently with palms up dregs falling scrub body scrubs.


The final step, a bath with warm water. Do not forget to apply a body lotion afterwards. Do it at least once a week. and see the results ...

Effective Ways to Increase Appetite Child

Cara Efektif Menambah Nafsu Makan Anak
Effective Ways to Increase Appetite Children - Children who experience difficulty eating problems often makes parents dizzy. Of course every parent would love their children and would feel happy when her son ate very heartily. But in fact, not a few children who have problems in their appetite and detrimental to the health of our baby.

Well some of the tips below are some ways to increase your child's appetite , consider the following full review :

1 . Arrange child feeding schedule .

Not all toddlers do not have a strong desire appetite . So that they have a problem on their appetite , including the disordered eating as much as 3x in one day . But , however you must be smart face . You need to give smart eating in the morning, afternoon , and night in any way a good course . When it is regular then the child will get used and then the problem is less appetite improved. Give the child nutritious food despite eating only a little cuman .

2 . Provide food in small portions first .

When they are hard to eat the way that they are fond of eating by giving him food intake of small portions first. You should give them small portions of food in advance but must have a high nutrient content . Also, do not forget to also give him a variation tuk to the menu the food he eats . Eg make food more attractive as cut vegetables be shaped like a puppet , forming star -shaped bread , and other creations .

3 . Restrict drinking milk .

If your child is very like to drink milk than eat , then you should be able to limit drinking milk . You should know that excessive feeding in children makes no space for food in the stomach .

4 . Replace - changing menu of food each day .

Do not give her excessive consumption of similar foods because it can make it feel bored so they are reluctant to eat . To fix this you have to give variation apat diet or diet by replacing different each day so that his appetite increased . In addition , you can also decorate food with various types of vegetables to make it more attractive look for it then .

5 . Always suapin her when eating .

Tips to increase appetite subsequent children is to always feed him a meal. Child may feel lazy to eat because of their love with his toys or can also be due to busy playing with his friends . For that , you have to steal time just to feed him a little bit . Thus , the child will always eat .

Thus had some tips and Effective Ways to Increase Appetite Child . Hopefully with the above tips you can kids love eating and appetite problems your child may soon be resolved . Hopefully useful artkel above .

7 Healthy Habits is a very Powerful to burn more Fat Fast

7 Kebiasaan Sehat untuk Membakar Lemak dengan Cepat
7 Healthy Habits is a very Powerful to burn fat faster | Many people who have problems with their weight . . So that if you want to keep the weight keseimbangann , no need to perform a variety of excessive dieting and tortured body . You just need to do a healthy lifestyle and regular habits . Healthy living habits have proven Powerful to burn fat faster . Well , then what are the healthy habits ? summarize we have the following in accordance with the news that has been published FoxNews following :

1 . Breakfast
Breakfast is very important for those who undergo routine activities throughout the day . Never miss for breakfast because breakfast can help you keep your blood sugar levels and avoid yourself from snacking nature .
2 . Drinking water

Water is very useful to keep the metabolic system and cleanse toxins from the body . At a minimum you should drink 8-10 glasses of water each day . But the more you drink water then it is much better , especially for those of you who do a lot of strenuous activity, every day .
3 . Drinking Green Tea

Beverage Green Tea is very good for health and are very powerful in helping the process of burning fat . By consuming green tea on a regular basis every day , can increase the fat burning process up to 16 percent more cepat.Teh Green is also efficacious as an antioxidant that can counteract various diseases that attack the body . Therefore green tea is highly recommended for those of you who want a healthy diet .

4 . Fruits and Vegetables Organic
Several types of vegetables and fruits are now many contaminated by pesticides . As we know that a lot of dangerous chemicals contained in pesticides that can damage the health of the body , both in the short and long term . So if you do not want to interfere with the body's systems , you also need to consume more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables naturally organic .

5 . Eating Chili
A research has shown that the fruit contains a lot of chili compound called capsaicin . Capsaicin compounds useful in speeding up the fat burning process tubuh.Namun those of you who do not like spicy food , you should not have to force yourself .

6 . Interval Sports
7 Healthy Habits is a very Powerful to burn fat faster , Sports intervals is done by alternating running and walking each 10-30 seconds for half to one hour . Healthy habits are also able to make the body burn fat faster .

7 . Slept Enough
Meet the needs of sleep every day . For sleep to keep the hormone works well . If the hormone works well , the fat burning process will run lancar.Itulah various health habits to burn fat faster . Have you done it all ?

White Water Benefits for Health and Healthy Diet

Manfaat air putih untuk Kesehatan
White Water Benefits for Health and Healthy Diet | Many effective way to run a diet that is fairly simple and does not require expensive and hard way , a way that is also safe for your body keseahtan . One way is to consume water regularly every day . Many people who have proven the benefits of water for a healthy diet by eating them before meals . A study has also revealed that the water is very good for maintaining healthy skin , blood circulation , and maintain the body's metabolic system .

It is proved that the water consumed is very important for health , especially to protect the body against various other penyakit.Manfaat of water consumed before a meal that can help reduce hunger longer and faster filling the stomach . So that helps dieters reduce calorie intake which can lead to excess weight .

Facts about White Water Benefits for Health and Healthy Diet

A study says that women who consume more water every day can eliminate fat causes more weight than women who consumed less than 1 liter of water each day .

Another interesting fact about the benefits of water for a healthy diet are the results of a study published by the Dailymail , which states that the activities of two glasses of water consumed by an adult before eating , can lose weight about 4 lb , equivalent to 1,814 kg more than those who do not drink air.Selain it by drinking 8-10 glasses of water / day , may improve cognitive abilities of the brain around 30 % .

Other benefits of the water consumed in the world of health are as follows :

1 . Lowering the risk of disease Diabetes2 . Preventing Kidney Stones3 . Relieves Headaches ( Migraines )4 . Prevents premature aging5 . Reduces risk of heart disease

7 Tips to Increase Brain Intelligence Child

7 Tips to Increase Intelligence Brain Child | All parents want their children to be born and grow into healthy and intelligent children . Therefore , parents should look at nutrition and nutrition is a determining factor for brain development in children . But not only the nutritional factors that can affect the level of intelligence of children , hundreds of millions of other things that also would be able to make more optimal brain development in children . Well, here are 7 Tips or How to increase child brain intelligence : 

1 . Playing Brain Games 
Related to strategy games , crossword puzzles , riddles or activity can train your child right thinking . It is so good for the development of psychology in the flesh strategic thinking , problem solving , and complex decision making in the future . examples of games to choose from , among others, chess and Sudoku . give these brain teasers in the child continuously , and invite your child to help you in solving complex problems . 
2 . Studying Music 
Listening to your child to play music may not always be fun for you , but music lessons can be a fun way to hone your thinking right . Based on a study by the nomads of the University of Toronto , music lessons seems to be beneficial for the development of children's IQ and academic . The checks find that learning music as a child going to affect the results ( grades ) are better when in high school , or a high IQ as adults .3 . ASIA study conducted in Denmark proves , that the idiosyncratic breastfeeding the baby for nine months to assist the development of the intellect more optimal flesh . Besides the ASI is also the same as an important food source for flesh and blood is useful for preventing infections that can attack the vulnerable infant 's body fitness . Several other studies also showed that breast-feeding can make babies more significant growth and smart . 
4 . Sports 
The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois showed a strong association between fitness and academic achievement among elementary school children . Exercising can encourage children to be more confident , able to work in teams , as well as the spirited leadership . 
5 . Playing Video Games 
Especially for a game of pilem games , require strict escort shape similar to your parents to choose what type of game played by your child's worth , do not let children play games pilem containing elements of violence or sex effects can affect the brain development of children's ugly . Choose the type of game that was specifically created to hone a child's brain , as a result of a recent study conducted at the University of Rochester found that participants who play video games learn visual cues much faster than their counterparts . 
6 . Reading 
Teach your child that likes to read , because reading is a good reason to improve learning or cognitive development in children . Train them happy to read from an early age to help more optimal brain development , so that the children grow up smart and accomplished . 
7 . Breakfast 
Breakfast can enhance the look and also when his flesh and blood concentrations studied . Children who do not eat breakfast tend to be more lightly tired , become more irritable , and react more quickly than those who started the day with breakfast . So do not let your child for breakfast , because breakfast can help your kids stay focused and active during school hours .

7 Benefits of Avocado Magic For Your Body Health

health tips . Avocado merupan one type of fruit that has been known by most of us . With a soft pulpy texture makes it easy to consume fruit and very tasty on the tongue . Not a few of us make the juice from the fruit of this one . However , behind it tastes so good , this fruit also contains various essential nutrients required by the body . Thus, no wonder so many miraculous benefits of the avocado fruit . So , what are the benefits of the magic of the avocado fruit ... ? ? ?

Sufficiently high source of fiber is one of the attractions to start menghindangkan avocado fruit in your daily diet . With sufficient for the required fiber body , the digestive system will be healthy and avoid from a variety of disorders such as constipation defecation . Health tips this time will review various magical benefits of avocado for health that will awaken the reader , that the avocado fruit contains so remarkable for the health of your body . Here are 7 benefits of avocado magic for your health :
  1.     One fruit is highly recommended to maintain and improve your cardiac health . This is because , avocado contains a source of monounsaturated oleic acid , vitamin E , folate , potassium , phytosterols and essential source of fiber . All of these nutrients contribute significantly to increasing heart health .
  2.     Avocado is also a very complete nutrition for your skin . This is because , avocados contain monounsaturated fats , omega- 9 fatty acids , antioxidants , vitamin E , vitamin C and collagen . All of these nutrients help nourish your skin from time to time .
  3.     Very Good For Weight Control . This is because , by eating avocados will make the stomach is in a state of fullness longer . Will also automatically suppress excessive appetite you have.
  4.     Extraordinary Helpful To Prevent Diabetes . This is because , the content of monounsaturated fats and potassium in avocados can improve the function of neutralizing the hormones insulin and glucose levels in your blood .
  5.     Great role To Reduce Inflammation In Your Joints . This is because , avocados contain monounsaturated fats , vitamin E , vitamin C and phytosterols that help reduce various types of inflammation in your body .
  6.     Enhance Immune Function Or Immunity In Your Body . This is because , avocado is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C will make the body susceptible to disease a person is not seasonal or unpredictable weather changes .
  7.     The Simply Effective Stroke deterrent . This is because , avocado fruit contains vitamin E, which serves lower the oxidation koleterol that will prevent a person exposed to the deadly stroke .